Vibrasonic Technology

Unifying Sound & Vibration into a physical, mental & emotional experience. Creating Mindful music that promotes self growth & change. Read more on the Technology that heals...

Vibrasonic Technology is a unique audio configuration that uses cutting edge patented transducer technology with a three way speaker system that creates a truly immersive sonic experience. Our music is mixed in Quadraphonic (4.0 surround sound) using an ingenious mixing method that maximises the vibration where you (the user) become a living speaker. The transducers use Kinetic Transfer (bone conduction) and the low end frequencies stimulate the muscles and enhance cellular and cognitive entrainment to the slow rhythms in the compositions. Using certain aspects of Psychoacoustics we can entrain the brainwaves and consequently the heart and breath follow. 

The placement of the 3 way speakers and tweeters create a unique stereo field. With the 3 way speakers being placed either side of your head you can passively listen, reducing the function of sound localisation. This effect appears to let the listener perceive the music in a way that doesn't over stimulate the brains need to locate the source of the sounds (which is an old evolutionary survival skill). The tweeters deliberately stimulate sound localisation so the high frequencies have an audio space that lets them appear to be acoustically alive. 

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzche, Twilight of the idols



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