Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

In the Summer of 2016 our long awaited Vibrasonic Therapy Bed will finally be here in all its glory! We’ll be showcasing it around the country at various festivals so keep your eyes open for more info on our website and blog!

One thought on “Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

  1. Hey All, I just came here to say that I recently tested the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed and have to say that it was a truly mind blowing experience. I have meditated for years and this took my entire being to a whole new level. As I lay relaxed on a very comfortable massage bed, listening to the music start and wondering what to expect next, a very soft and gentle vibration began underneath me and a wave of peacefulness washed over me. I can honestly say that the mixture of the two sensations, of sound and vibrating massage, was a sensation I would like to repeat again and again. I would buy this bed if and when it is a possibility. Thank you, you amazing beings. A truly excellent concept, executed brilliantly. Peace, Love and Light.

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