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Nowadays technology is moving at a fast pace; making sure those we care for, personally or in work, have all they need. At Holistic Audio we’re no different, our motives come from personal experience and our goal is to enhance and modernise sensory support in the care industry. Improve the lives of those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Special Needs, ASD and more. With multiple products for multiple uses Holistic Audio can provide a permanent solution for you or your company. Either through purchase or rental we’ve got you covered!

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Our products offer a brand new way to support those in a care setting with their sensory needs & wellbeing. Groundbreaking, innovative, immersive and educational experiences help to calm, relax, cognitively stimulate and reinvigorate the user. Stress and anxiety are reduced, the physical body is relaxed, users are more focused and even the immune system is enhanced.

So what actually is the Vibrasonic experience and how does it help those in the care setting?

Specially configured speakers deliver profoundly immersive musical landscapes & nature sounds, transporting the user to entirely different spaces.

Patented Vibrasonic technology passes sound frequency vibrations into the body. Resonance calms & relaxes yet stimulates, the bones, organs and muscles on the deepest level.

  Linking via bluetooth to any media source interactive audio books and App based games excite, educate and help concentration.

Users can be seated or lying down and in our Sensory Rooms can be bathed in light, play games and watch beautiful still or moving imagery on amazing 360 degree screens.

Sessions can last from as little as 5 or 10 minutes to whatever you like, allowing staff and carers to plan according to the idividuals needs.

Calm & Immersive

Anxiety & stress reduction

Cognitive stimulation

Audio Massage

Memory recall

Playlists for life 

Enhanced Facetime

Staff Support

App based game play

Easy to use

Sensory Spaces

Interactive Audio Stories

Vibrasonic Care Chair

Comfortable and supporting wing back style care chair. Wipeable seat and arm vinyl. Sound & vibration takes them away on soundscapes and journeys past. Assists with memory recall. Calms and relaxes.

Vibrasonic Bed

Modern design. Easy to use & comfortable. Durable, wipeable marine vinyl upholstery. Easy access sides to help with hoisting and manouvering the user. Extra wide to help prevent falls. Lay back and let the soundscapes take them away.

Vibrasonic Balance

It’s not always easy to move people in the care environment. Some are sensitive or self-conscious. Sometimes behavioural issues can create problems. With this handheld version of our technology the Vibrasonic experience & all that it encompasses can be brought to wherever the user is or can be given to be carried around.

Vibrasonic Sensorium & Sensory Spaces

Bespoke spaces designed for the care environment. Immersive sound, vibration, soothing light and beautiful imagery. 360 degree visual images & films. Interactive games.

Vibrasonic Funimals

Multi-functional ‘Funimals’. Sound, light and vibration cuddles. Tactile arms and changeable faces. Link to any media device for favourite music, films or games. Wipeable marine vinyl.

Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

Sharing the same benefits and wonderments of the Vibrasonic Bed, our Vibrasonic Therapy Bed has the added bonus of being able to be used with other therapies such as Massage, Physio or Reiki. Wipeable marine vinyl.

And remember staff can get great benefit from our products too!

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We’re here to support you. Holistic Audio has expertise and a flexible approach that delivers high quality solutions tailored to the needs of your clients. Along with our App we can create an overall package that provides positive ‘work’ outcomes for staff and carers and positive ‘life’ outcomes for users. We help forward thinking companies provide benefits that will have long lasting effects way beyond the users time with you.

Upgrade your facilities & become a leader in Sensory Care

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