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On our journey Holistic Audio have provide sensory solutions for all kinds of events, gatherings and spaces.  We’ve provided the magic that Vibrasonic Technology is to private parties, schools, art galleries and popular festivals; our visuals, sounds, & vibrations have blown minds & inspired children and adults alike. Whether it’s a small or large location, indoors or outdoors, we create a unique and exciting experience to any event, of unparalleled depth and quality.

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With our technology and our extensive experience and knowledge; ‘well-being spaces’ we create are tailored to provide a truly immersive environment for all occasions.

Immersive spaces boast 4D sensory wonderlands that adapt to the individual needs of the event or festival participants.

Transport users underwater to swim with dolphins or float them in the depths of space.

Users create coloured environments, play with interactive visuals or just simply lose themsleves in the incredible vibrational music experience. 

Event companies can choose from 4 phases of pre-designed layouts or build your own from an awesome selection of visual, sound & vibration stimuli.

Touch screen user interface.

Aroma therapy units enhance 360 degree screens, soundscapes & music.

4K projections for pictures, films, interactive games & much more!

The possibilities are endless.

360 degree Sound & Vision installations 

Immersive sensory environments for adults and kids

360 Degree Immersion

Group meditations

Sensory Calm & Relaxation

Live deep vibration sound healing

Vibrasonic spaces for festivals, corporate & private events

Interactive visuals and games

Sound & Vibration

Intimate live music events

Powered by Vibrasonic Technology, live music events are taken to the next level and beyond.

Immersive, intimate, accessible and uniquely enhanced audio experiences bring live music to life in a way that you’ve never known.

We design a Vibrasonic Space that is so immersive it will literally transport the audience into the heart of the music. With our unique speaker configuration and deep vibration resonance the Vibrasonic Space will give the audience a truly unforgettable moment in time.

Send your audience, the musicians & their performance to another place entirely. 

Festival practitioners enhance classes and treatments.

Vibrasonic Technology brings any audio source to life in a deep and profound way.

Unique speaker configurations and deep vibration resonance give the users an unforgettable experience.

Enhance Yoga sessions, Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, Gong Baths, Music Rituals and more

Transform any studio space or room, of any size, with Vibrasonic Immersion.

Bring the warmth of Yoga Nidra deep inside the body.

Mic’d up instructors and blissful music tracks expressed through immersive Vibrasonic speakers and underbody vibrations.

All for a mesmerising yet balanced cloud of sound.

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Work with us & be an event like no other

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