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Our beautifully designed and elegant products will add a new level of wellness experience to your Spa or hotel. We design products that are so immersive they will literally transport your guests into the heart of the music. Clients won’t quite know what’s happened but they’ll be wanting more!

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Our Vibrasonic Technology brings any audio source to life in a deep and profound way. With our unique speaker configuration and deep vibration resonance our Vibrasonic prodcuts will give the user an unforgettable experience. It is as relaxing and as rejuvenating as any standard treatment but in half the time. It is also the perfect pre-curser to any wellness therapy to prime the user for a deeper session & increase the longevity of the treatment or to be used at the same time as other therapies such as – Shiatsu, Massage, Reiki & even Acupuncture.

Upsell opportunities offer themselves in the form of downloadable tracks to let the client ‘re-live’ their experience and a smaller hand held version of our products – The Balance – that can be bought and taken home with them. 

Enhanced guest experience

Entertainment & relaxation

Offer Vibrasonic Spa Treatments

Fun individual and group activities 

Cutting edge technology

Spa & Sensory Spaces

Guest Room Immersive Experiences

Design the room and choose options

Reduces stress and anxiety

Interactive games

Content subscription packages

Immersive audio | visuals | vibration

With such a vast variation of uses Vibrasonic products are a great way to modernise your establishment and bring an almost futuristic experience to your guests and clients. Something they will definitely talk about after leaving and will always want to come back for. Best of all there’s something for everybody.

Vibrasonic Bed

Modern design. Sumptously comfortable. Easy to use. Lay back and let the soundscapes take you away. (for a more modest option see our Vibrasonic Chair)

Vibrasonic Balance

A personal  hand held or wearable product that can be taken anywhere. ‘The Balance’ provides guests and clients with access to the benefits of the Vibrasonic experience wherever they are. A perfect upsell for them to buy and take away.

Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

Sharing the same benefits and wonderments of the Vibrasonic Bed, our Vibrasonic Therapy Bed has the added bonus of being able to be used with other therapies such as Massage or Reiki.

Vibrasonic Funimals

Something for the kids! Multi-functional ‘Funimals’. Sound, light and vibration cuddles. Tactile arms and changeable faces. Link to any media device for favourite music, films or games.

Vibrasonic Chill Out Spaces

Bespoke spaces designed to suit your needs. Immersive sound, vibration, soothing light and beautiful imagery help calm, relax and inspire your guests.

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Give your guests an experience they will never forget

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