Vibrasonic Balance

Wow! Loved this. My physical being seemed to melt away and I was cloaked in warmth. What more can I say? Truly truly wonderful.

Debbie Proper

Independent Counsellor and EMDR Trauma Therapist

The beautiful handheld Vibrasonic Balance may be be mini but it’s still mighty! Go on blissful journeys into ancient woodlands, sunny beaches or listen to your favourite chill out tracks to soothe daily stresses. This comprehensive and adaptable wearable offers a compact yet immersive Vibrasonic experience. Either paired via bluetooth or using our auxiliary output you can connect speaker or headphones to suit your existing hardware. With physical controls on the unit this elegantly allows you to switch off from your phone and unwind screen free. 

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  • Calming & soothing music & nature environments
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Brings music to life
  • Improve sleep quality and relaxation 
  • Connect via video calls to bring family chat to life
  • Tactile skins 
  • Pair multiple Balances for group meditation sessions
  • Adjustable bag & strap for precise locational treatment
  • Enhances the immune system via Vagus nerve stimulation

This brilliant robust wearable device has a host of features and uses for a wide variety of conditions such as ASD, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Mental Health as well as enhancing Well Being and Meditation. The adaptable body strap means it can stay in place, target areas of pain and discomfort or simply give a deep soothing resonating vibration that starts on the chest and flows out into the body. It’s the adaptability that matters with the Vibrasonic Balance, whatever you need, we’ve got you. 

The Balance allows you to stream whatever platform you desire be it Spotify, iTunes or Headspace separately or through our own Vibrasonic App. It is the perfect tool to help soothe and regulate anxiety and to limit challenging behaviours. With the freedom to target areas of discomfort on your body this allows the deep Vibration to access and sonically massage, regulate and ultimately balance the issues of the particular area. 

One of the main uses of the Balance is to to restore, relax and rejuvenate your sense of self. The device has physical controls to play, pause, select and adjust volume or vibration so once a session is started there is no phone screen time needed - allowing a full reset of. It has the latest bluetooth 5 to connect to your devices or you can use the auxillary output for headphones.

A unique feature of the Balance is the ‘skin’ options where you can add a tactile silicon case for an extra sensory experience or to create a more characterful device. This is especially useful to users with ASD or Dementia where the extra tactility creates deeper stress reduction. A gently pulsing glow from the play/pause button also adds additional relaxation. This carefully thought out wearable has been designed to aid as a genuine well being tool. It can adapt and fulfil the needs of multiple types of users with its ergonomic, tactile yet robust design.


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