Vibrasonic Care Chair

After just having a session – I’ve never been so relaxed before, the change in audio and vibrations of the chair helps in so many ways, I would definitely recommend this to others.

Christopher Wade Lomas

Private User


Designed specifically for the care industries, residents & care homes, day centres and more; the Vibrasonic care chair takes care management to another level. Helping users with anxiety, stress – both mental and physical, & all round relaxation and calm. Not just an experience, the VCC in conjunction with our Vibrasonic Care App is also a tool for helping manage clients health & needs.

Personal Video Testimonial


  • Calming & soothing music & nature environments
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase cognition and memory recall
  • Personalised playlists
  • Connect via video calls to bring family calls to life

This sensitively designed wing back chair fits in with the standard care home furniture. Our design consideration was based on the sensitivity of change for those in a care home setting. We wanted something that was approachable and functional whilst all the while discretely housing our Vibrasonic technology. 

This product offers our premium Vibrasonic Technology with specially configured speakers that provide unparalleled immersion and patented Vibrasonic vibration for a detailed and smooth experience. Housing bluetooth 5 you can connect seamlessly to any device, to stream from any platform or app that offers audio, video, games and importantly video conferencing.

This comprehensive unit is perfectly suited to provide short term respite for carers both professional and family based. We recommend creating individual playlists either through popular streaming platforms or through our Vibrasonic App. This is an integrative unit designed to enhance connection and create a shared user/carer experience.


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