Vibrasonic Funimals

My little one absolutely loves his Funimal! He chose the ‘Daisy Bear’ and has been unseperable with it since it arrived. The sound and vibrations relax him after a hard day paddling in puddles! What’s also great are the flashing lights, the tactile paws that have interchangeable packs, and you can also hook it up to his favourite programmes via bluetooth! Thanks Holistic Audio – Life savers.

Danni Woodhams

Yoga Teacher, The Soul Space


Why should the adults have all the fun! At Holistic Audio we’ve got the kids covered with our multi-functional sensory sensational ‘Funimals’. Sound and vibration cuddles from Daisy the Bear, magical light from the paws! Tactile arms and changeable faces. Link to any media device for the young one’s favourite music or film and let them bathe in the surround experience.

3D Tour

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  • Calming and soothing music and nature environments
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increase cognition through interactive sound and games
  • Interactive sound books
  • Tactile interaction and sensations
  • Colourful light settings
  • Fun movable face parts
  • Connect via bluetooth to any external media device

This creatively designed Funimal offers young people from 2 years and up a fun, interactive play centre that features our Vibrasonic sensory, tactile technolgy. Our design carefully considers sensory sensitivity, to allow for control of all aspects of the Funimal for a personalised experience and to aid the unique needs of any user, in particular ASD. We wanted something that was fun, exciting, multi sensory and lovable whilst all the while discretely housing our Vibrasonic technology. 

This product offers our premium Vibrasonic Technology with specially configured speakers that provide unparalleled immersion and our patented Vibrasonic vibration for a detailed and smooth experience. Housing bluetooth 5 you can connect seamlessly to any device, to stream from any platform or app that offers audio, video, games and importantly video conferencing.

This comprehensive unit is perfectly suited to provide short term respite for carers both professional and family based. We recommend creating individual playlists, games and media either through popular streaming platforms or through our Vibrasonic App. This is also a customisable integrative unit designed to enhance connection and create a unique shared user/carer experience. 


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