Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

Holistic audio provided a fantastic sensory opportunity for our students providing an enveloping audio/sensory experience that was particularly well received by those students on the autistic spectrum. They responded particularly well to the blend of sound and vibration. Staff noticed the calming effect that lasted well beyond the session. Paul and Seb were very helpful in tailoring a programme to meet the needs of our students and staff
Joe Barnett

Deputy Head Teacher, Beaucroft Special Needs School

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Take your treatments to the next level with the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed. Use as a stand alone treatment or enhance other therapies from Massage to Reiki, Osteopathy to Chiropractic & even Acupuncture. Our Vibrasonic Technology brings any audio source to life in a deep and profound way. With our unique speaker configuration and deep tissue vibration resonance the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed will give the user an unforgettable audio massage. See how far the healing power of sound frequencies can go in helping clients or you yourself to find harmony and balance. Give your clients a truly unique & unforgettable experience.

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  • Deep relaxation in half the time
  • Cutting edge full body Audio Massage
  • Calming Mindfulness
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Incredible immersion
  • Rejuvenating and uplifting
  • Enhances existing treatments
  • Meditation states
  • Beautiful music and nature environments
  • Fully customisable experiences
  • Downloadable tracks for treatment longevity 

This elegant yet functional and sturdy Vibrasonic Therapy Bed adds a new level of therapeutic treament to your spa, clinic, wellness practice or home. We designed a product that is so immersive it will literally transport you or your client into the heart of the music. Our Vibrasonic technology brings any audio source to life in a deep and profound way. With our unique speaker configuration and deep vibration resonance the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed is as relaxing and as rejuvenating as any treatment but in half the time. It is also the perfect pre-curser to any wellness therapy to prime the user for a deeper session or to simply increase the benefits of a full treatment. You can pair the music experienced on the bed to any additional treatment and the user can download the track too ‘re-live’ the experience at home. 

This product offers our premium Vibrasonic Technology with specially configured speakers that provide unparalleled immersion and the patented Vibrasonic vibration for a detailed and smooth experience. Housing bluetooth 5 you can connect seamlessly to any device, to stream from any platform or app that offers audio.

The Vibrasonic Therapy Bed will be the talking point of your spa, practice or home. With mini sessions at only 10 minutes long up to whatever you want the user can be primed to soak up any therapy you are providing. It is the perfect before and after solution to relax the nervous system and then after the session to pair the treatment to the music to increase value and longevity. A total rebalancing of the nervous system, a powerful meditation, a unique unforgettable experience. 

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  1. HA New Admin

    I recently tested the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed and have to say that it was a truly mind blowing experience. I have meditated for years and this took my entire being to a whole new level. As I lay relaxed on a very comfortable bed, listening to the music start and wondering what to expect next, a very soft and gentle vibration began underneath me and a wave of peacefulness washed over me. I can honestly say that the mixture of the two sensations, of sound and vibration, was a sensation I would like to repeat again and again. I would recommend the Vibrasonic Bed to everybody! Thank you, you amazing beings. A truly excellent concept, executed brilliantly.

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