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We design and create next generation wellness products. Unifying sight, sound and patented vibration technology we are the future in non-invasive sensory health. Deeply soothing sensory healing, education and entertainment. We call this the ‘Vibrasonic Effect’.

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Vibrasonic Sensorium


The sky’s the limit with our Vibrasonic Sensorium! It’s the next level in sensory room evolution. Choose from pre-designed layouts or build your own from an awesome selection of visual, sound & vibration stimuli. Touch screen user interface. Aroma therapy units enhance 360 degree screens, soundscapes & music. 4K projections for pictures, films, interactive games & much more! The possibilities are endless…

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Vibrasonic Sound Lounger


The ultimate in spa treatments, special needs support, self-care, and even home entertainment. The uses are endless for the Vibrasonic Sound Lounger! Connect to any media device via bluetooth and experience sound, music and vibration like you’ve never experienced it before! Calming, relaxing, invigorating and inspiring. Listen to specially written music or re-experience your favourite album…

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Vibrasonic Care Chair


Designed specifically for the care industries, residents & care homes, day centres and more; the Vibrasonic care chair takes care management to another level. Helping users with anxiety, stress – both mental and physical, & all round relaxation and calm. Not just an experience, the VCC in conjunction with our Vibrasonic Care App is also a tool for helping manage clients health & needs…

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Vibrasonic Funimals


Why should the adults have all the fun! At Holistic Audio we’ve got the kids covered with our multi-functional sensory sensational ‘Funimals’. Sound and vibration cuddles from Daisy the Bear, magical light from the hooves & horn of Merlin the Unicorn! Tactile arms and changeable faces. Link to any media device for the young one’s favourite music or film and let them bathe in the surround experience…

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Vibrasonic Balance


So much excitement surrounding our NEW hendheld version of the Vibrasonic experience! With support from Arts University Bournemouth this little power house will be changing lives forever! Coming Soon!


Vibrasonic Therapy Bed


Take your treatments to the next level with the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed. Use as a stand alone session with soothing musical journeys and invigorating vibrations  or support any therapies, from massage to Reiki, Osteopathy & Chiropractic or even Acupuncture. See how far the healing power of sound frequencies can go in helping clients, or your yourself, find harmony and balance. 

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Vibrasonic Floor


Introducing one of the most versatile products in our range, the Vibrasonic Floor! Transform any studio space or room, of any size, into a conduit for the Vibrasonic Experience. Support Yoga classes,  Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi, Alexander Technique and more; private sessions or large groups. Enhance live music. Bring the warmth of Yoga Nidra deep inside the body. Mic’d up instructors and blissful music tracks expressed through  immersive Vibrasonic speakers and underbody vibrations – designed using Fibonacci mathematics for  a mesmerizing yet balanced cloud of sound.

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