With such a diverse range of different uses Holistic Audio are taking Vibrasonic Technology applications to the masses. From our Therapy Beds and Chairs to working with Alzthiemer's, Autism and standard Holistic Treatments. The possibilities are endless. 



⊕ Alzthiemer's Sufferers   ⊕ Those with Autism   ⊕Parkinson's Sufferers   ⊕ 1-1 Client Base   ⊕ Holistic Therapists 

⊕ Standard Treatment Client Base   ⊕ Festival Goers   ⊕ Sports People and more...



We partner with a number of specialist schools for Autism and Asperger's. Working with young people to help balance anxiety levels, physical stress & mental tension. With use of specialist feedback forms the young people have been able to express their feelings showing remarkably strong and positive reactions to treatment sessions.


Treatments & Collaborations

As well as a stand alone treatment in themselves, our Vibrasonics can also be used alongside any other therapies such as Reiki, Acupuncture , Reflexology and Massage the possibilities are endless. One of our long term goals is to create use within the mainstream, for example in Dentist Chairs or in hospital beds. 

"There is extensive literature on the effects of music in different healthcare settings, both for inpatients and for those attending outpatient departments. The introduction of music to provide a quiet and restful environment has been found to result in significant reductions in heart rate, respiratory rate, and myocardial oxygen demand in patients recovering from acute myocardial infarction, compared to a control group treated without music. A study on premature infants exposed to music, specifically lullabies and classical music, reported a beneficial effect on weight gain and caloric intake and a significantly reduced length of hospital stay. Active programmes of listening to and performing music have been shown to help the management of patients with Parkinson’s disease. The use of music was found to stimulate emotional and motor responses, improving the quality of life of those patients."


Treatments can help to improve quality of life, create healthier more balanced bodies and minds to help keep calm and reduce anxiety.



⊕ Private Functions   ⊕ Team Building   ⊕ Festivals   ⊕ Conferences



Holistic Audio are actively seeking funding and investment to help develop and manufacture our products and ideas. To register your interest please contact us here.



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