One of our founders shares his personal experience of a treatment on our Vibrasonic Bed

A pet hate of mine is the concept and ideology of marketing. I feel like I’m being lied to. Even when I was younger and I wasn’t necessarily aware of the various messages exposing themselves in my world around me, I always felt irritated. The adverts on TV, the rubbish in the papers, the signs on the tube…

Now we are surrounded and bombarded constantly with images, slogans and emotions that manipulate and guide us to that purchase that we think we want or do actually desire, and for many that’s just the way the world is. In my contained ideological universe I just wish that everyone could make decisions on their own, look within, and sure if they really like something get it, but do we really need the direction and coercion of well paid creative folk to tell us what to do? Is it too much to ask to be left alone to our own devices? Unfortunately at this moment in time, more than likely.

So what does this have to do with Holistic Audio? Well if you’ve visited our website or seen our Facebook page then you’ll know, like everybody else, that we use marketing! How can we even get the message out that we exist to the world if we don’t! Hopefully in time word of mouth will become our strongest ally but in the meantime we start somewhere right? Which leaves us with one choice – to be as truthful and open as possible (people that know me know that I can make some very diverse examples when explaining things but there is always a point, so stay with me…)

So how do we share how good what we are doing here at Holistic Audio really is? How do we get across to you the most amazing experiences that can be had on our Vibrasonic Therapy Bed or how enriching and effective the musical landscapes and compositions are that we play through them? In my mind there is only one way to do that and still stay honest, open and truthful – Get Personal!

Getting Personal

It takes a lot to admit to one-self, especially when you are involved in helping others, self growth, spirituality and such like, that sometimes you too need some assistance with balancing your state of mind. It doesn’t change however how dark things can feel in that lowest of moments. For me personally to say yes to help is a near on impossibility. When I’m in a state of unbalance I even think its weak or hypocritical as I spend so much of my time trying to help others bring themselves and their thoughts out of such places (I teach Tai Chi as well as some meditation, Qi Gong and Reiki). Luckily good friends say the right things and aid me in allowing myself to let go of that control and be what I need to be in that moment – HUMAN.

The other morning I was feeling deeply human…

Past experiences were clouding the landscape of my mind. Not one to deal with loss very well I was feeling alone as my partner was away, I was feeling scared because I was afraid that a new business venture that myself and my partners had been working so hard on over the past two years might not grow to be what we know it can, scared that the recipients of what we are offering would never truly get to experience and understand what we have fallen upon; and over two years later, still thinking about the passing of my mum. Squashing it all down, pretending in some cases that it wasn’t even real, the thought clouds in my mind began to darken, become heavy, to stifle any ounce of clarity I might have left and then finally suffocate me to the point of exhaustion. I felt so angry, so tired, so lost. I didn’t want to share it with anyone because I didn’t want to bring them down with me. Until I finally rang one of my business partners and blurted a tirade of angry nonsense at him down the phone to which he calmly suggested I “use the bed”. As I later texted to my other partner it seemed ironic that in the room next to me sat one of our Vibrasonic Therapy Beds, something that we have designed to help people that, amongst many other things, are suffering the way I was today; and yet I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. But luckily I did.

In the sprit of speaking the truth I tell you this – I was not hopeful. As ridiculous as it sounds, considering my belief in the bed and what it can do, considering the results that we’ve had after visiting schools for those on the Autistic spectrum and those with physical and learning disabilities, I was just not in the right place to believe this could bring me out of this funk. I was wrong. Happily everything I know that the experience of using the bed can bring happened.

“Riding the wave freely, I do not drown…” Anon.

It’s hard to describe exactly what happens when you have a treatment on the Vibrasonic Bed. At Holistic Audio we continue to learn about its effects everyday and it never ceases to amaze us. A session has three core elements – The music, the mechanics of the bed itself, and the person having the treatment. So here’s my honest, open and truthful experience…

The Music

From the moment the composition begins you are earthed. The audio configuration immerses you in the world of the melodic landscape that has been created and within a brief time you find yourself falling deeper, almost as if sinking into the bed itself, until eventually the outside sounds and world that they come from almost disappear. Hey, it isn’t always that perfect and sometimes if you aren’t in the best of spaces it can take a good few minutes, but eventually you find yourself there…

…the crunch of a persons feet, walking a path only they know where to, passes by. The depth of the glorious, gurgling hum, of a chanting monk on a far off mountain, children laughing and playing, and the calming sounds of waves lapping against the shore…

Every aspect of the track is designed to catch you at your present state of mind, draw you deeper within yourself, soothe you, teach you, balance you, and then slowly and gently bring you back to the here and now, delivered like a new born baby! I’m not exaggerating either, poetic yes, but no exaggeration. I felt myself let go. It wasn’t easy at first because of my initial state of mind, but eventually I found my senses become occupied with the sounds and the music and my mind forgot what it was upset about. In fact more often than not there are moments that you forget where you are altogether. Suddenly you have space, and time away from it all. There’s no need to analyse anything as the problems, for a short while at least, just don’t exist. Your mind rides the wave freely and so does your body….

The Bed

The set up of the bed includes a speaker configuration around the head that creates a stereo field, or sound bubble as we like to call it, that makes you feel as if you are really there, almost in the music. There are also two transducers. This technology allows the sounds and tones, the frequency and resonation if you like, to express themselves through your body. Due to a process called bone conduction you actually become the speaker. You can hear the composition, in particular the low and mid tones, inside of your body as the vibration goes right into the structure of your skeleton and passes up to your head. The bed also vibrates from the transducers so your muscles receive the massaging benefit too. Over the length of the track the deep resonating vibration, sometimes vigorously, sometimes gently, releases any mental and physical tension, at points even giving a sense of floating.

…a feeling of warmth cascades through your body. Relieved of time you bathe in the deep resonating vibration as it fills your body, the expression of sound rolling up and down your spine. Tingling sensations in your fingers and toes remind you that you’re alive

The Client

Needless to say for all these experiences to take place the treatment needs a client! We’ve been working with a huge demographic as the bed has so many applications and can be used across a very wide spectrum of people. Some of the groups we have worked with include young people on the Autistic spectrum, those with learning disabilities, those living with Dementia, people struggling with mental health issues, to name but a few. We’ve taken the bed to festivals too and thankfully right across the board we’ve had 100% positive feedback from everyone that’s tried it. Using that information to move forward and grow we are already designing a better more sophisticated therapy bed and other products to give support and help people change their lives.

As I described above I was in need of some balance and going on the bed helped bring me to a space where I felt that. Initially, once the treatment had finished, I felt the euphoria that everyone feels when having a treatment of any kind – relaxed, calm, super chilled! Then after some water and five minutes of coming round I felt clearer. My negative thoughts had dissipated and my energy levels felt boosted. I also felt like I was ready to do some work that I had been avoiding all day and suddenly not only could I do it, I wanted to! The ensuing 4 hours were seriously productive without a whiff of stress.

Now, the Vibrasonic therapy bed isn’t magic (although sometimes it feels that way) but the experience really does help bring harmony to the client. Each person that goes on it, from young to old, will respond differently as we all have different thoughts, needs and expectations. A young person with autism for example normally doesn’t close their eyes or fall into a deep slumber like other people do, but will come alive when they hear the soundscape and feel the relationship between their bodies and the sound vibrations. Either way we all get something from it. What we get, much like meditation, is the chance to be peaceful, free from erratic movements of the monkey mind, to be in the moment without past or future, and the chance to allow choices to show themselves to us so moving forward in life has less to no barriers and can flow. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen over night. It takes courage from the client to face what comes up, to make changes that bring about positivity, that’s why the client is one of the core elements of the treatment. The Vibrasonic Bed is a tool, a stepping stone on our path to betterment, and should be used as such. I know I have to keep working on myself if I want to keep a clear mind, but my goodness what an amazing tool the Vibrasonic Bed is!! The best way to understand of course is to try it!…..ah, sorry folks we’re back to marketing again

Peace Px

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