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Vibrasonic Technology

Unifying Sound & Vibration into a physical, mental & emotional experience. Creating Mindful music that promotes self growth & change. Read more on the Technology that heals…

Vibrasonic Technology is a unique audio configuration that uses cutting edge patented technology as part of an acoustically engineered system that creates a truly immersive sonic experience. We use innovative mixing methods that maximize our unique set up, stimulating muscles and enhancing cellular and cognitive entrainment. Using certain aspects of Psychoacoustics we can entrain the brainwaves and consequently the heart and breath follow. The Vagus Nerve system is enlivened.


‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’ – Friedrich Nietzche, Twilight of the idols

The sensory phenomenon called music can alter the function and performance of the nervous system, stimulating well being in the body. Our application of sound stimulation has already been very effective in the reduction of stress and anxiety in many Neurological disorders. Children with learning attention difficulties, auditory processing problems, and developmental delays have experienced profound improvement. One of our aims that we are trying to achieve through our research is to develop a system of Vibrasonic sound therapy that stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain and promotes cognitive function. Our current projects are aimed at people suffering from conditions like Dementia, Autism and Parkinson’s. In using the psychology of classical conditioning we are developing a technique that supports and elongates alternative therapy treatments. This can also be applied in reducing stress, from environmental conditions in hospitals that aren’t conducive, to helping maintain healthy psychological factors in healing and health. Another important factor in the Holistic Audio vision is addressing the lack of continuity in care and treatment. Through our products and music and our therapy model we can create a personalised, effective umbrella. This will unite and bridge the gaps in treatments, give continuity and extend the effectiveness of treatment. We hope it will be able to reduce dependancy on pharmaceutical drugs and reduce the financial burdens on the NHS. These techniques can shorten the length of stay and provide better efficacy for after care. We aim to be an intermediary treatment method that helps merge effective alternative therapy techniques with modern medicine practices.


‘We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.’ – Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Poems of Arthur O’Shaughnessy

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