The Vibrasonic Sensorium is our most ambitious project to date!

The technological undertaking to bring the concept of a truly immersive sensory room to life was huge. Yet we didn’t hold back on our vision and what the client needed: A truly immersive sensory space, a 4D sensory wonderland that adapts to the individual user’s needs. Could we transport the user under water to swim with dolphins or float them in the depths of space? Could we give them the freedom to create coloured environments, play with interactive visuals or just simply loose themselves in our incredible vibrational music experience?

So how did we achieve this?

Simply through the collaboration of many talented and skilled people, lots and lots of hard work, perseverance and many late nights. There were so many technical challenges to overcome and sometimes it seemed like it wouldn’t happen. Despite this, we prevailed and the result is nothing less than phenominal!

The Sensorium became fully alive just before Covid hit the world. We were all lined up to showcase what we had achieved, to promote our company and the service we could provide. Then the tumbleweed of lockdown blew away our plans and we were left slightly bemused about what to do and which direction to take….

…..Fortunately we were sitting on a host of ideas and prototypes and the MVP (minimal viable product) became the new focus while the world was at odds.

So with this all behind us, the MVP we now call ‘The Balance’ is soon to be ready for an exciting crowd funding campaign. We are planning our launch party for the ‘Sensorium’ and are looking to make a big splash on social media, radio and T.V, so your support will be most welcome.

It is time for us to let the world know what we can do and how we can help so many people through the simple application of sound, music and vibration as a sensory tool and path to well-being!

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