Shelley Molloy – Deputy Head Teacher

Sycamore Short Stay School

“We were lucky enough to be able to purchase one of the first sound benches designed and made by ‘Holistic Audio’. We have been using it in our Short Stay School (for pupils with SEMH and other learning and behaviour difficulties that have been permanently excluded from school) for nearly 2 years. It has been a huge success with our pupils aged 5-14 years old. The pupils of every age have enjoyed its versatility and relaxing qualities. It has been used in one of our quiet room/sensory spaces in our school. Pupils take themselves to this space when they need some time away or to reflect and calm themselves. The sound bench has been instrumental in pupils being able to do this. They sit or lye down on the bench with the specially created music (by Sebastian) which has had holistic, relaxing and meditational effects on the pupils, from both the music and the vibrations running through the bench from the specially designed music. It has been invaluable to our school and I would recommend it’s benefits to any school or special setting.”

Joe Barnett – Deputy Headteacher

Beaucroft Special Needs School

“Holistic audio provided a fantastic sensory opportunity for our students providing an enveloping audio/sensory experience that was particularly well received by those students on the autistic spectrum. They responded particularly well to the blend of sound and vibration. Staff noticed the calming effect that lasted well beyond the session. Paul and Seb were very helpful in tailoring a programme to meet the needs of our students and staff.”

Laura-Jane Merryweather

Camp Bestival Festival

“Having struggled with anxiety for years I have tried many therapies. 25 minutes of Holistic Audio with Reiki and I was in a state of total relaxation. I felt calm, and for once not hounded by my inner negative voice. I cannot recommend this highly enough, truly enlightening.”

Jenny Perrin


“Hey All, I just came here to say that I recently tested the Vibrasonic Therapy Bed and have to say that it was a truly mind blowing experience. I have meditated for years and this took my entire being to a whole new level. As I lay relaxed on a very comfortable massage bed, listening to the music start and wondering what to expect next, a very soft and gentle vibration began underneath me and a wave of peacefulness washed over me. I can honestly say that the mixture of the two sensations, of sound and vibrating massage, was a sensation I would like to repeat again and again. I would buy this bed if and when it is a possibility. Thank you, you amazing beings. A truly excellent concept, executed brilliantly. Peace, Love and Light.”

Rachel Bailey

Grooves on the Green Festival

“Wow! That was the best ever Holistic treatment that I have ever had. The combination of of ‘visual’ music and heavy vibrations in different areas of your body, is something that I couldn’t believe would be so powerful, but it is! I started this treatment with a sore back, right at the base, which isn’t unusual as I suffer from fibromyalgia. After my session my back feels amazing, free from old gripping pain. The best part for me was when the wave sounds came on with the powerful vibrations. I could visualise my bones and I travelled round, healing parts which needed pain relief. With the waves, the water washes away the work which had been done. I certainly didn’t want to come back. I have already recommended you to lots of people. I certainly will be back for more. Thank you!”