Vibrasonic Sensorium


The Vibrasonic Sensorium – A new Genesis…

A  unique cutting edge sensory environment developed to create a new paradigm in the world of sensory rooms & experiences. Multi-functional, the Vibrasonic Sensorium provides a safe, calm, blissful environment that can also be a fun interactive learning tool, a unique live music room and education hub; the likes of which have never been seen before! Through the stimulation of sight, sound, feeling and smell the participant in the Sensorium Experience can be transported into a world of heightened senses or brought to a deep and blissful meditative state.

With simple intuitive controls and options the Sensorium touch screen allows the user to pick their experience with a quick gesture of the hand…..

4D Natural Environments

With settings for 4D experiences – ‘Beach Sunset’, ‘Mountain Views’, ‘Woodland Sounds’ & ‘Campfire at Dusk’ – you are transported into such immersive visual and audio landscapes it’s as if you are actually there. Feeling the breeze on your face at the top of a mountain, hearing the crackling of embers as you watch a fire, smelling the trees as you walk through a forest of pine or feeling the thunderous rush of a waterfall at your feet.

360 degree projections in 4K resolution. High quality 3D Sound recordings (Ambisonics) played through our unique audio configuration. Feel Invigorated or soothed by our Vibrasonic Floor that literally vibrates with sound frequencies that correspond to the environment and musical compositions. Experience visual landscapes and soundscapes, alive, like never before.

Sound & Vision Interactive Experience

A movement activated interactive sound & vision experience! Users fully interact with imagery on the walls, moving the images across the walls and around the room at the wave of a hand, nod of a head or kick of a foot. A wonderfully fun and creative way to express themselves. The immersive auditory experience uses specially designed music to create a mindful head space, either inducing a quick and deep relaxation or an energetic upbeat flow.

Journey through Ambient Light & Sound

The ambient light and sound mode is simply a peaceful and gentle immersive experience. The user can wander slowly around the space, just relax, lay or sit back and allow the experience of beautiful soundscapes, soothing vibrations & soft colours to gently wash over them.

A shared creative experience

We work with you to create a space that’s right for you and your users. Using our technology and experience the sky’s the limit!

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