When Holistic Audio met Danni Woodhams from The Soul Space it was a breath of fresh air, a match made in heaven. Her business acumen and spiritual well-being practices were perfectly in-line with what we were looking for. Her Yoga Nidra was of particular interest as we had a vision of creating yoga spaces that incorporated our Vibrasonic Technology.

Danni was very open to helping us run a few sessions at The Retreat in the New Forest. So on one of their open days we did! Giving us the opportunity to build the first ever  Vibrasonic Floor – now one of the most versatile products in our range – a floor housing our tech, delivering deep resonance through sound frequency and an immersive sound bubble via our unique speaker configuration. We then used a head microphone to enhance Danni’s voice and wrote specially designed music, playing both through our Vibrasonic Floor. Danni effortlessly spoke, flowing her words between the music like a river and thus created a unique world first for spoken/music meditation.


The results were poetic and we were all extremely inspired by the results. The depth of meditatively induced relaxation was great and fitted in with our hypothesis. It seemed logical that it would work but as we have realised through our trials and tribulations things don’t always go as planned!

We learnt that a good quality head mic and an understanding of the music was vital to keep the harmony and rhythm needed for the users to become aware of their Samskara’s and ultimately become liberated from them. The pairing of the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation with the very deep connection to the music via the technology in the floor created an unparalleled experience.

The art of the Vibrasonic and Nidra partnership is that after a handful of sessions the user can reach the same state of Samskara awareness whilst just listening to the music alone. This therefore increases the efficacy and longevity of the service provided. Working in parallel the practitioner can strengthen the connections and introduce new music and Nidras as is necessary. Ultimately improving the benefits, value and earning potential. This applies to any practice where music can be integrated into the session.

The secret is really in the vibrations. The internal narrative induced by the vibratory connection creates personal harmonics within the physical body system and sympathetic resonance where imbalances occur. In laymen’s terms, where your body is out of balance the vibrations naturally feel stronger when those frequencies connect. The frequencies then bring harmony and balance.

Going forward we are looking for open minded Yoga studios to incorporate our technology into their studios and thus begin a new wave of Yoga practice with the Vibrasonic Technology to enhance and add long term value for any practitioner and user.

For an understanding of what Yoga Nidra is this article by Allison Ray Jeraci has some great information.

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