Workplace Wellness Days

In the world of workplace wellness many solutions, though effective and important, are expensive and time consuming. We provide your business with affordable alternatives through our one off Pop Up Experiences and longer Leasing Options.

Autistic Girl on Vibrasonic Bed Care Facility Days Sensory Solutions Holistic Audio Bournemouth UK

These non-permenant solutions can provide an insight to the efficacy of our technology, giving you the opportunity to ‘Try before you buy’ or simply continue to lease on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

So what happens next?

You choose one or more of our Vibrasonic products and a payment or leasing plan is put in place. We then deliver and install your choice at your place of business.

We provide training or run the sessions with one of our qualified staff to help maximise the benefits of the Vibrasonic Experience, and show the products potential as a tool for supporting you and your employees.

We help you create a schedule that fits in with your staff and business. Sessions can run from as little as 15mins and still give benefit.

Whether you want to minimise stress or reduce absence, Holistic Audio with our expertise and flexible approach, have got you covered! Ultimately creating an overall workplace wellness package that provides positive ‘work’ outcomes for the business and positive ‘life’ outcomes for the employees.

Benefits to employees

    • Reduced stress & anxiety

    • More focused and energised

    • Happy and motivated to work

    • Increased creativity & productivity

    • More balanced sense of wellbeing

    Benefits to business

      • Reduced stress & anxiety levels in the workplace

      • Fulfill your ‘duty of care’ as an employer

      • Reduce absence with happy, healthy staff and save money

      • Increase creativity & productivity

      • Try before you buy

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