Workplace Wellness

One of the biggest changes in the last few years is the demand and importance of workplace wellness. Companies are realising that work related stress is impacting productivity and causing stress related illness which impacts the business as a whole. With multiple products for multiple uses Holistic Audio can provide a permanent solution for your workplace. Either through purchase or rental we’ve got you covered!

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Our products offer a brand new way to support your employee’s health and wellbeing. Groundbreaking, innovative and immersive experiences help to calm and reinvigorate the user, reducing stress and enhancing the immune system.

Healthy happy people = Healthy happy staff.

So what is the Vibrasonic experience and how do our products help?

Regardless of what type of business you have there are always highly stressful moments. We need something to help bring us back down to earth, help us feel in a place where we want to go back. Vibrasonic products provide a work based solution that fits into expected outcomes of a successful business.

Sessions of 15mins or more

Before work, after work, or as a break!

Specially configured speakers deliver profoundly immersive musical landscapes & nature sounds, transporting the user to an entirely different space.

Patented Vibrasonic technology passes sound frequency vibrations into the body. Resonance calms & relaxes yet stimulates, the bones, organs and muscles on the deepest level.

Users can be seated or lying down and in our Chill Out Spaces can be bathed in light or beautiful still or moving imagery.

Audio Massage

Deep immersion

Safe and Simple 

Sensory Spaces

Support & enhance staff wellbeing 

Calm & productive work environment 

Happy & focused staff

Calm & Relaxing

Bespoke experiences

Personalised playlists

Promote Mental Health


Vibrasonic Bed

Modern design. Sumptously comfortable. Easy to use. Lay back and let the soundscapes take you away. (for a more modest option see our Vibrasonic Chair)

Vibrasonic Balance

With remote working being here to stay our hand held/wearable product ‘The Balance’ provides employees with access to the benefits of the Vibrasonic experience whether they are working from home or travelling away.

Vibrasonic Therapy Bed

Sharing the same benefits and wonderments of the Vibrasonic Bed, our Vibrasonic Therapy Bed has the added bonus of being able to be used with other therapies such as Massage or Reiki.

Vibrasonic Chill Out Spaces

Bespoke spaces designed for the work environment. Immersive sound, vibration, soothing light and beautiful imagery help calm, relax, inspire and focus your staff.

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Whether you want to minimise stress or reduce absence, Holistic Audio has expertise and a flexible approach that delivers high quality bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Along with our App we can create an overall workplace wellness package that provides positive ‘work’ outcomes for the business and positive ‘life’ outcomes for the employees. We help forward thinking companies provide benefits that will actually get used, and in turn drive better health, productivity and profit.

Support your team & become a leader in Workplace Wellness

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