Next Generation Sensory Solutions

We design and create next generation wellness products. Unifying sight, sound and patented vibration technology we are the future in non-invasive sensory health.

Deeply soothing sensory healing, education & personal enhancement

Groundbreaking technology for sensory solutions & experiences

Playful interaction & exciting entertainment

There truly is something for everyone!

Inspiring & Supporting Special Needs

Caring For The Elderly

Making Work & Life Easier

Treatments & Entertainment

We Work With

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Care Facilities

Enhance and develop sensory support in the care setting. Improve health and wellbeing for those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Special Needs, ASD and more.

Calm & Immersive

Easy to use

Sensory Spaces

Staff Support


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Workplace Wellness

Support & enhance staff wellbeing. Develop a calm & productive work environment. Happy & focused staff.

Calm & Relaxing

Safe . Simple . Balanced

Sensory Spaces

Promote Mental Health


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Events & Spaces

Sound & Vision installations with a twist! Awesome playful and immersive sensory environments for adults and kids. Our Vibrasonic spaces for festivals, corporate & private events.

360 Degree Immersion

Interactive Fun

Sensory Calm & Relaxation

Sound & Vibration Extravaganza


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Hotels & Leisure

 Enhanced guest experience. Lead in hospitality & leisure with next generation innovative products & experiences. Health & wellbeing. Entertainment & relaxation.

Vibrasonic Spa Treatments

Spa & Sensory Spaces

Social & Interactive Installations

In Room Immersive Experiences


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Check out our groundbreaking Vibrasonic Product Range for next generation sensory solutions and experiences. From calm and soothing to playful interaction and exciting entertainment, there truly is something for everyone!…


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Whether it be privately for a party, for eduction or for a week in a field at a festival, we’ll inspire & blow the minds of your friends, family, work mates, attendees or students, with the wonderment and magic of our Vibrasonic Sensory Products & Experiences…


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We’re always looking to build and improve on the work we do. Projects are constantly in motion and we like to let our customers know what we’re up to! We also love to build experiences just for you, so let us know if you have any bespoke needs…

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Our Story

The beginning of our journey started by solving a simple problem, ‘How can we enhance the musical experience in alternative therapy treatments?’ It was this question that inspired one of our co-founders to install an audio system into a therapy bed. He discovered that this simple concept could unlock the potential of sound, music and vibration and make it available to everyone as a genuine healing modality.

Empowered by this vision Holistic Audio and  Vibrasonic Technology were born...

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